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Sheffield indie on Channel 4’s Emerging Indie Fund

Enon Films is one of 8 Nations and Regions indies to be named in Channel 4’s Emerging Indie Fund.

The Sheffield production company received a discretionary award from the fund last year, but this time will get additional support to help it grow and secure more commissions.

Enon will get financial assistance for slate development; regular access to a Channel 4 Commissioning Editor; regular contact with Channel 4’s Head of Indie Relations; development workshops; and expert advice from a variety of departments within Channel 4 – commercial affairs, legal department and advertising funded programming teams

It will also receive advice from business development and slate development consultants.

“This is a difficult time for indies, particularly small indies based in the Nations and Regions, so we are delighted to be able to support these companies to make them more robust and also help them shape their ideas to put them in the best possible position to win commissions,” said Rebecca Thompson, Channel 4’s Head of Indie Relations.

Discretionary awards will also be made to Lunar Lander (Sheffield); Rock Paper Productions (Newcastle Upon Tyne) and Schnoobert Productions (Newcastle Upon Tyne). 

They will gain access to 4Producers’ networking events, development workshops and funds to help towards development of programme ideas. They will also benefit from regular access to Thompson.

“The Emerging Indie Fund has shown it can make a tangible difference to production companies and help them grow and secure commissions,” added Channel 4’s Director of Commissioning Operations Emma Hardy.

“Since its launch in 2020, more than 30 N&R based companies which have been invited to be part of the Emerging Indie Fund have gone on to secure commissions which shows the impact the fund can have on helping indies become more established.”

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