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Report: 69% of midlife women feel ‘invisible’ to advertisers

A new report reveals that 69 per cent of women aged 45-60 feel “invisible” to advertisers, a rise from 50 per cent in the past 12 months.

The findings form part of The Behaviours Agency’s Marketing to Midlife Women, which also found that a majority (62%) also think that brand advertising rarely shows someone they can relate to.

Elsewhere, more than half (54%) think that adverts target their insecurities and almost three quarters (72%) believe that ads are setting unrealistic beauty standards for women in their age bracket. 75 per cent also think that adverts focus too much on physical appearance over wellbeing.

The report is the result of eight months of research featuring in-depth interviews with 300 women, a survey of more than 1,000 females aged 45-60 and reviews of UK brand and influencer comms targeting this demographic.

Sue Benson, founder and MD of The Behaviours Agency said: “It is shocking to me that in 2023 advertisers are still getting it so wrong with midlife women. A demographic with considerable spending power, dubbed ‘super consumers’ by Forbes, they make or influence 90% of household budgetary decisions in the U.K. But outdated narratives still prevail.

“In fact you could say that we are going backwards. More than a year ago a study was published which found that nearly half of women aged 45-60 feel invisible – today this has edged even higher; with more than two thirds feeling that they are totally forgotten or represented in a negative stereotypical way.

“And yet there is so much opportunity for brands to champion women in this demographic, with 43 per cent revealing to us that the menopause has inspired them to change their lifestyle in good ways.”

The full report findings, along with a downloadable version of the report, will be revealed during a panel discussion at 11am tomorrow (November 7) featuring Penny Brook, CMO of Canada Goose, Trish Halpin, editorial consultant and podcast host, Sam Walker, group marketing and creative director of N Brown and Sue Benson, managing director of the behaviours agency.

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