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The region’s readers revealed: MEN readers love to shop at Aldi, the Echo’s prefer boxing – and Yorkshire Post readers drive Land Rovers


Manchester Evening News readers are left-leaning lawyers in their 30s who love to shop at Aldi, while the Liverpool Echo’s readers prefer boxing over football and are more likely to be in their 50s. Readers of the Yorkshire Post, meanwhile, are 60-plus, right-wing Land Rover drivers who are happy watching Countryfile with a copy of House and Garden.

Such findings are revealed by a new audience-profiling web app from pollsters YouGov. The Profiler tool, based on data collected from 190,000 UK YouGov members, is sure to be well-used by regional publishers across the land.

We’ve screengrabbed some of the results below – but be sure to search for your own newspaper or other kind of brand here.

Liverpool Echo

The Echo’s readers are left-leaning, 40 or 50-something males with only around £125 spare cash in their pocket each month.


Manchester Evening News

The MEN’s readers are younger than their Scouse counterparts, even more left-leaning but a bit better off.


Newcastle Journal

Typically female and over-60, the Journal’s readers are most likely to be found in the world of agriculture – but have over £1000 spare cash each month.


Yorkshire Post

Again over-60 but this time male, Post readers are most likely to be involved in real estate or property.


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