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Quickline Communications makes its TV debut with the Brownlee Brothers

The Brownlee Brothers in the new ad

East Yorkshire-based rural broadband provider Quickline Communications debuted its first TV ad, featuring Olympic triathletes, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, at the weekend.

Quickline partnered with Theodore Communications, Powerhouse, Alchemy Media and Sowden & Sowden for their first above the line push, which was first announced last month.

The ‘Don’t Settle for Second Best’ campaign concept was created by Theodore Communications, who also defined the brand strategy. The campaign aims to tackle the inertia that people in hard-to-reach areas should have to settle for second-rate connectivity.

Kat Martin, co-founder of Theodore said: “People in rural communities put up with poor broadband because they think there is no other option. Through its existing network and multi-million pound investment into their gigabit network, Quickline is connecting rural communities across Yorkshire to a world of possibilities. This is ‘broadband built for you’.”

Polly Sowden, co-owner and creative director at Sowden & Sowden, who spearheaded the Brownlee Brothers concept that took Quickline to TV added: “To help elevate the brand at scale, we identified the unique relationship between Quickline and the Brownlee brothers. The iconic Cozumel moment was the catalyst, but as the concept developed, we found the brothers aligned perfectly with the client’s core value of not settling.”

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Turning to the TV campaign itself, Amy Cresswell, managing partner at: Alchemy Media, said: “With its ability to drive fame and emotion at speed and scale, TV was the natural lead media to communicate Quickline’s superior offering. The Brownlee partnership super-charges the impact and engagement we can expect to see from TV and support across a wider media mix.”

Naturally, the campaign was filmed on location in Yorkshire by Powerhouse. CEO Neil Adams said: “This was a great campaign to be involved with. The entire shoot was produced within a 15-mile radius of Yorkshire, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and supporting local initiatives with a ‘don’t settle’ attitude.”

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