'F*ck Boris' baker furious after appearing in government ad campaign

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A baker who produced loaves flour-stencilled with “F*ck Boris” during last year’s general election campaign has called for government newspaper adverts featuring him to be pulled.

A photograph of Phil Clayton, who owns Haxby Bakehouse near York, appeared in national newspapers on Saturday with the headline “Welcome back to freshly baked bread” to promote the government’s “enjoy summer safely” campaign.

Now he is demanding that the government pull the adverts and pay him a “modelling fee” for using the image without his consent. Clayton is a Labour party member and baked loaves stencilled with the Corbyn slogan “for the many” during the 2017 snap election.

During the 2016 EU referendum he sold boules featuring the word “in”.

He told The Guardian: “I was a bit worried to start with, I thought: oh shit. But so many people know my political views that people were saying, ‘it’s the funniest thing ever, they’ve been so stupid to use your image for this.


“I laughed along with it for a bit but when it was in the Daily Mail I thought: ‘Oh my God’. Then you ponder on it and you think: ’How come I knew nothing about my image being used for this campaign?

“I don’t want them to use it. They’ve taken my image without my consent. I’ll have my modelling fee.”

The photo was originally taken for a Yorkshire tourism marketing campaign.

“We did a photoshoot at the bakery a few years ago and were part of a video too,” Clayton explained. “It was going to be used for Yorkshire tourism, for the Asian market I think.

“I seem to remember it was about encouraging Chinese tourism in particular … I didn’t quite realise I had signed up to say they could use the pictures however they wanted. I didn’t realise I was handing them over to Boris to use.”