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Prof Brian Cox in new BBC2 series Human Universe

briancox Brian Cox. Picture: University of Manchester

Professor Brian Cox is to return to our screens next year in a major new series on BBC Two.

Announcing the new science commissions for the channels, the BBC said the the University of Manchester physicist would be taking ‘his unique vision to the question of what it is to be human.’

“Across the series, Brian will tackle the biggest questions that we can ask – from who are we and are we alone to why are we here and what is our destiny.”

The five part series of hour long programmes will be called Human Universe.

Controller, BBC Two and BBC Four Janice Hadlow revealed a range of science commissions including a factual drama about the invention of radar, starring Eddie Izzard.

She said: “Science has enjoyed an incredible resurgence on BBC Two in recent years, with 2.8m watching Brian Cox’s last series, Wonders Of Life, the first episode of Trust Me, I’m A Doctor attracting over 3m viewers and 4.9m watching the Horizon special, Secret Life Of The Cat.

“BBC Four also has a thriving slate of science content, with recent highlights including Light And Dark, Pain, Pus And Poison and Pop! The Science Of Bubbles.

“Looking ahead, I’m delighted to be announcing such a strong and varied mix of new commissions, from a major series asking some of the biggest questions we can ask, to a factual drama telling the poignant and little known story of the invention of radar.”

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