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Police and Manchester Digital join forces to fight cybercrime


Greater Manchester Police is backing a new Cyber Resilience Centre, to help protect businesses from cyber crime.

Officially launching last night, the not-for-profit initiative is a joint venture between the police and Manchester Digital. It’s being backed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

According to the 2017 Crime Survey for England and Wales, only 1% of the 1.8m cyber incidents committed were reported to the police – and just 0.6% were solved.

The Centre added that while the Government has 10 recommended steps for business to follow to protect themselves, only 57% have done 5 or more of them.

It will provide a targeted programme of work to increase cybersecurity measures and deliver advice and services to companies. This will include rescuing and rebuilding firms which have suffered an attack.

This will be through schemes including training, ethical hacking and recovery support.

Ultimately they hope to improve the volume of reported attacks and support the development of the cyber sector in Greater Manchester.



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