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Pip and Posy animator designs Animex Festival ’23 mascot


Bianca Iancu, lead animator at Caerphilly’s Bomper Studio and a Teesside University graduate, has designed the mascot for this year’s Animex Festival.

Iancu’s best-known animation and artwork includes the award-winning Channel 5 kids’ show Pip and Posy and hit gaming title Magic: The Gathering.

Animex, which is now in its 24th year, celebrates the best of animation, VFX and computer games, with screenings, workshops and exhibitions. The festival includes an exciting line-up of animation, games and VFX expert speakers, who share unique insights into their industries.

3D animator Iancu specialises in leading teams to create character animations which connect with a wide range of audiences in the short-form space.

Iancu graduated from Teesside University’s 3D Computer Character Animation course in 2014 and first attended Animex in 2013 while completing her degree.

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Animator Bianca Iancu
Animator Bianca Iancu

She said: “After I graduated, I came back to Animex a couple of times, once I was working in the games industry and then last year, I was asked back to speak at the festival.

“I gave a talk on 3D animation workflow on two kids’ television series that I had recently helped to animate – Go Jetters for the BBC and Pip & Posy for Magic Light Pictures. It was a brilliant experience. I met a lot of great people, as well as some personal heroes and I love being able to give back to students, whose shoes I was in not that long ago.”

Bianca has now designed the character mascot for this year’s festival, which takes place from November 6 to 10.

She added: “I was delighted to be asked to design the mascot, and also a bit nervous. I felt a sense of responsibility, because Animex is something that I was so close to over the years.

“I eventually went with a Betta fish. It captured the essence of what I was aiming for. As well as being an elusive ethereal sea creature, I also wanted it to be cheeky, in that ‘I know something you don’t’ sort of way. I knew from the start that I wanted to match the style of the branding that already existed. The Animex branding has a teal and orange colour palette, so I wanted to incorporate those lovely, complementary colours into the final design, while still making sure the character stands out.”

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