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PHA Group to support’s 2023 surge


The PHA Group has announced its appointment by, an electric vehicle (EV) charging software specialist.

Established in 2018, set out to build a platform that guarantees EV owners can charge at home with the lowest-cost, greenest electricity available, all presented in an easy-to-use app that ensures EV owners feel supported at every stage.

While significant funding has been directed into delivering public charging infrastructure, recognised that around 80 per cent of all EV charging happens at home and typically during times of high demand on the energy system. To ensure drivers have access to cheaper, cleaner and simpler charging at their homes, offers an alternative solution using their pioneering smart charging algorithm. Through the app, drivers can save hundreds of pounds a year on their home charging costs whilst also reducing their environmental impact. is the first UK company to deliver commercial demand response projects and has successfully grown its user base to over 100,000, from 11,000, in the past two years. Now, following US expansion with utility customers, the EV software specialist is ipreparing to scale its EV charging infrastructure by expanding it’s end-to-end demand flexibility service across the US, UK, and EU in 2023.

The PHA Group will support this growth delivering balanced and effective communication strategies, reaching both’s users and commercial partners such as UKPN, Western Power Networks, and the National Grid.

PHA will help to further establish as the leading EV software specialist with an unparalleled commitment to rethinking how we use our energy by empowering EV drivers to plug into better, more conscious and efficient charging solutions. Through a proactive and strategic press office, the PHA Group will highlight the key issues affecting the sector, position as a leading voice, and share new partnership announcements supporting’s expansion.

Kathleen MacLean, head Of growth at, said: “ has experienced rapid growth since establishing in 2018. We believe in the value of a home-centric approach to charging that puts the users desire for ease, affordability, sustainability, and peace of mind at the centre of all its decisions. We needed a comprehensive PR strategy to ensure this message is effectively delivered to key segments of the market and to support our ambitious plans for the future.”

Mimi Brown, head of corporate at The PHA Group, added: “Within PHA, we have a deep passion for supporting companies who are re-thinking approaches to addressing the major challenges of the moment. That’s what we see in, who are critical players in delivering a wider uptake of EVs nationwide, and we are excited to be working with the brand at a time of such incredible growth.”

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