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Personal branding agency expands to Manchester

Blackbur-native COO Lewis Baxter

A leading ‘personal branding agency’ has announced its expansion to Manchester.

Kurogo specialises in building the brands of CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and creators with clients across marketing, sport, and tech.

Founded in London in September 2020, the agency has grown to a strong 17-person team and is on track for seven figures in early 2023. The company has recently hired several senior team members in Manchester as well as other Northern cities, and will base operations from Swan Street in the city centre.

Kurogo’s COO Lewis Baxter lives in Blackburn and is heading up the Manchester expansion. He said: “The North of England has so much to offer. It’s a region full of top talent and a hub for start-ups and scale-ups. Manchester has built a reputation for launching and empowering high-growth businesses and supporting start-ups. The city has a track record of nurturing and attracting talented entrepreneurs and has built a community of active investors. For those who know Manchester, it’s an amazing place to work, network, socialise and do business.”

Founder and CEO Sam Winsbury added: “Our roots are widespread, but we’ve had a particular strong base in London over the past few years. It’s exciting now to be expanding our work in Manchester, which is almost becoming a bit of a second capital. We see exciting start-ups and talented entrepreneurs coming out of Manchester every day and it’s turning into a hub of entrepreneurship. We want to be the ones amplifying their voices and making them heard.”

The agency intends to use its presence in Manchester to explore the talent pool and create the opportunity to work with other exciting start-ups through a team with roots across the North in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle.

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