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Pep Guardiola: I’m a failure

Pep Guardiola, Sky Sports/Twitter

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has been setting social media alight this morning following a hilarious interview posted by Sky Sports.

In the interview, the suave football genius concedes that he is a failure, though not for the footballing reasons you might expect.

The dry Catalan’s side summarily dismissed RB Leipzig in a 7-0 thumping featuring a record-equalling five goals in a single CL game from star striker Erling Haaland last night. Pep kept a perfectly straight face, however, as he deadpanned at reporters “I’m a failure.”

The reason? His “idol” Julia Roberts had visited Manchester in the last few years, and chose to take in a game at deadly city rivals Manchester United rather than at his beloved blues.

He went on: “We win this Champions League, three Champions Leagues in a row, I will be a failure. Julia Roberts came to Manchester, not in the 80s or 90s when Alex Ferguson won titles and titles, in the period when we were better than them these last few years, and she went to visit Man United,. She didn’t come to see us. Even if I win the Champions League, it cannot make up for the fact that Julia Roberts came to Manchester and didn’t come to see us.”

Pep has established himself as quite the comedian, frequently dismissing reporters’ questions with sarcasm and acerbic wit – so much so that compilations of his funniest moments abound on YouTube:

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Pep’s comedy moments

Manchester United’s social media team were quick to seize on the opportunity to get one over on their rivals, which is probably unsurprising as it’s the first opportunity they’ve had to get one over on City in a good decade.

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