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Opencast names new Director of Transformation and Change

Opencast has named Accentures’ former Strategy and Operational Delivery Lead as its new Director of Transformation and Change.

Janet Onyia returns to the North East to take up the newly created role to oversee all transformational activities within the company, with a specific focus on change management.

“I want to ensure we have the right fundamentals and foundations in place for further expansion. I’ll be focusing on our internal change management and transformation activities to allow us to keep growing at the rapid rate we’ve been expanding,” she explained.

“And I want to make sure we’re expanding without losing everything that is so great about us, which means keeping the unique Opencast culture. People love working here for the interesting and important work we do, but also because of the nurturing and supportive culture that has always been at the core of the company.

“I’m really excited to be part of the team that will propel us forward to our next phase of growth.”

Oniya will move from Scotland, where she’s been based for most of her career. That includes as Senior Technology Strategy Consultant for the University of Edinburgh; Project Manager for Lloyds; and more recently 4 years at Accenture.

She’s also been a Digital Technology Director for Black Professionals Scotland and is currently a Fellow of Founders of the Future as well as a non-Executive board member of Sheffield Hallam University.

“I’d been looking for a new challenge and I also wanted to return to the North East so the timing of this new role was perfect for me,” she continued.

“I firmly believe in doing good while also doing well – of a firm having a purpose, but also being successful and sustainable. This is exactly what I saw with Opencast – the company’s values align perfectly with mine and I’m so happy to contribute to something special.”

Over the last 12 months Opencast has more than doubled in size, with offices in London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Glasgow, as well as its Head Office in Newcastle.

“We’re thrilled Janet has joined us in such a vital role – she is a global tech delivery leader with an impressive record of leading large-scale digital transformation projects and programmes,” said Opencast Chief Executive Tom Lawson.

“She has led major projects in cloud, platforms, open banking and data migration for financial companies, and her impressive career to date also includes work in the central government, higher education and energy sectors. Janet will steer all of our strategic change projects to ensure we continue to deliver on our ambitious plans for growth.”

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