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One Day Agency launches new ecommerce SEO service

One Day Agency has launched a brand new ecommerce SEO service.

As part of the agency’s integrated approach and digital services with a focus on e-commerce, the agency aims to bridge the gap between paid media strategy, website builds and performance marketing with the new tool.

One Day’s founder and CEO Ricardo Seixas said: “For us this is yet another classic example of how a fragmented agency market causes additional challenges to brands rather than solving them. Most brands build their shops on known platforms such as Shopify and nine out of 10 times web development companies neglect all SEO frameworks. And traditional SEO agencies do not necessarily have a fundamental understanding of marketing priorities in e-commerce.

“As with everything we do at One Day, we want to bridge that gap on top of an accountable and exceptionally transparent campaign-based model in which we will deliver SEO work.”

The agency, based in Manchester with offices in London and Warsaw, works with some of the largest and smallest brands in the world and delivers high-performing integrated campaigns across digital, outdoor, TV, radio and more. In the last month it has been working with an established footwear brand, delivering some early strong first results with an overall traffic increase of 15% and a reduction of 40+ positions of core keywords.

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