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NVM backs MBO of mobile virtual network operator


The Manchester office of NWM Private Equity has backed the management buy-out of a market-leading mobile virtual network operator.

Mobius Networks Limited (MNL) provides data connectivity services for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications across healthcare, transport and retail sectors.

The investment from NVM will help to accelerate Mobius’s growth and drive continued development of its software and sales expertise.

Mobius’s customers include Manchester Airport, the Highways Agency, Google, IBM, Aldi and Siemens.

James Arrowsmith, Andy Leach and Liam May led the investment for NVM, with Leach and May joining the MNL board at completion.

Mobius Networks MD Doug Gilmour

Doug Gilmour, managing director of Mobius Networks, said: “The opportunity to rapidly scale Mobius in the vast and vastly growing IOT and industrial internet market is compelling.

“The technical capability of the Mobius team and its value proposition is exceptional. This combined with the support and expertise of the NVM team, means that there are even more exciting times ahead for Mobius Networks.”

The deal was worked on in NVM’s Manchester office.

Andy Leach, Investment Partner of NVM Private Equity, said: “With both IoT and M2M markets forecast to exhibit strong growth characteristics over the next few years, Mobius is well positioned to expand its customer base and introduce its products into a wider range of end-user markets.”

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