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New Leeds web series is the perfect marriage of post-punk and alternative music – and chilli sauce?

Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman (left) talks hot sauce with Foodinati's George Miller

A recently launched, home-grown Leeds web series is bringing some of the biggest names in post-punk, alternative rock, heavy metal and more to the web to discuss their love of food, with a particular emphasis on hot chilli sauce.

The Foodinati UK webcast, which first aired over the summer and screens across social media including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram is currently shooting interviews for the final episodes of its first season, most recently including a soon-to-broadcast chat with Jaz Coleman, frontman of post-punk pioneers Killing Joke, about his The Joker-branded hot sauce, among other matters of culinary and musical interest. The band were in Leeds for the final show of their UK arena tour alongside Billy Idol and Toyah.

Previous Foodinati UK guests have included Witch Fever, The 1919, Madrush MC and metallers Acid Reign, as well as more food-specific guests such as ‘sauce influencer,’ Condimaniac’s Kier Kemp, who has also recently returned to moonlighting as lead singer of the recently reformed Fearless Vampire Killers.

The show is gaining an impressive reputation across that section of the Venn diagram where alternative music and spicy food intersect. It is currently approaching 100,000 views across its social media platforms, and has recently entered a partnership with Leeds Merrion Centre restaurant Cult Wing, which will serve as its studio space for most of its Leeds-based interviews moving forwards.

Foodinati UK is also planning ahead for season two, which will see it team up with digital marketer Really Social to get those view figures rising. The makers will also be continuing their partnership with Cult Wing, as well as resident “hot sauce guru” Frank Jay from The Chilli Shop, Leeds. While guests for the forthcoming season are still being finalised, the organisers promise some iconic figures from the burgeoning Manchester post-punk scene of the late 70s, Leeds’ 80s goth scene and the heavy metal, and dance music, ends of the spectrum too.

Foodinati UK is presented by chef George Miller, who is also a DJ and producer with breakbeat outfit 601, who provide the show’s soundtrack. Miller created and produces the show alongside his business partner and editor Alexander Morgan Jones and camerawoman (and singer songwriter) Stellar Anderson.

Miller said: “I’ve had this idea forever as when I was gigging loads of DJs were chefs for their day jobs, as was I.

“Lots of musicians work in food when they’re not touring, so I began to look at food shows that cover music and it seemed to be exclusively US hip hop, or grime in this country. But there’s loads of heavy metal bands who do stuff with food, and indie bands who love vegan cooking, so it just took off from there.”

Looking ahead, Miller added: “Season two, I hope, will have an emphasis on festivals, both food and music, alongside great interviews with alternative food and music guests and features on independent food ventures. This team of different areas of food and associated culture hopefully should stir up some interest, and is something a bit different for people to watch. From our own perspective the idea is: ‘Where alternative food and music culture collide.’”

To find out more and watch the show, search Foodinati UK on your social media platform of preference.

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