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New edit house Ride the Lightning announces its presence with Channel 4.0 seven-parter

Ride the Lightning (RTL), a newly launched edit house based in Manchester, has burst onto the post-production scene with its debut series for Channel 4.0, produced in collaboration with London production company, InterstellarTV.

The series, titled It’ll Never Last, comprises seven episodes of social-first content, along with an array of social teasers, the show focuses around an up-beat game show environment where participants put their relationships to the test. Featuring Harry Pinero, Chian Reynolds, and Madame Joyce, “It’ll Never Last” is part of Channel 4.0’s fresh lineup of social formats, all deeply rooted in youth culture.

RTL, a post-production collective with a primary focus on creating content for major brands, was formed just two months ago, and has already delivered content for a diverse range of clients, including LookFantastic’s new Christmas campaign, Expedia, Channel 4.0, Sports Direct, and a documentary piece for Manchester City in collaboration with Nynex.

Ride the Lightning’s rapidly expanding list of credits underscores its commitment to creating and delivering standout content for brands. Despite its status as a newcomer on the Manchester post-production scene, Manor Street Factory-based RTL is led by seasoned industry experts Polly Ward, the founder of Treatment Farm and creative director of We Are the Allies, and Daniel Nickson, an experienced editor who has served stints at New York’s Valiant Pictures, Sony Music Entertainment and Cheetham Bell.

Co-founder Ward said: “We were thrilled to work on ‘It’ll Never Last’, the way the project came together and flowed is a testament to the hard work of the edit team and we’re excited for many more big projects to come our way.”

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