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Near-Life partners with NHS to reduce violence in mental healthcare


Bolton e-learning company, Near-Life, has partnered with the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation to set up an interactive project to reduce violence in mental healthcare.

The interactive video e-learning project aims to change the way staff are trained, to improve safety in mental health services.

The training tool will provide realistic, scenario-based learning for foundation staff. It will be available remotely to help those currently working from home.

“Our mission is to improve the way people learn by making learning more interactive, immersive and engaging. It is particularly vital, given the current situation in the UK, that NHS staff have the means to undertake remote learning,” explained Near-Life Co-Founder and CEO Mike Todd.

“It’s been a real privilege to work with some of the talented and dedicated people who are delivering on the frontline for the NHS. Violence reduction is an incredibly important topic and effective learning clearly has a critical role to play.”

Scenarios will emphasise the correct steps that should be taken in a given situation, with interactive twists to allow learners to make their own decisions. This will allow them to see the effects of every decision made.

“Not only were our operational managers keen to see some changes, but also the training delivery team recognised there were improvements that could be made,” said Lancashire Care NHS Foundation’s Innovation Manager, Lindsay Hallworth.

“In tandem with the Trust’s Positive & Safe programme, we were tasked with finding a simplified but effective solution.

“The main benefits of working with Near-Life™ were the digital capabilities of this training, the qualitative assessment information it provides and the flexibility to build in human factors, such as evaluation. Furthermore, utilising digital media that mimics real life aids the delivery of training that is meaningful, versus an artificial classroom setting.”

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