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National League responds to Ryan Reynold’s streaming Tweet


The National League has announced that it will be considering a new live-streaming platform later this month.

It comes after Wrexham’s new owner, Ryan Reynolds, revealed his frustration to his 20m Twitter followers about the league’s “inaction” for not allowing domestic and international streaming of matches.

In a follow-up Tweet he added that this was:

“Depriving every team in our league the chance to expand the fanbase while adding to league revenue benefits everyone. This is a spotlight and a chance and we ask the Vanarama National League to take it. And we urge Vanarama and BT Sport to help them find the wisdom to do so.”

The National League said that it was “important to remember” that they already had a broadcaster partner in BT sports, but that BT were “keen to work with the National League to support opportunities for our clubs to generate extra income, as they did during the Covid Pandemic, in the form of streaming.”

It added:

“We have been working intensely for some months to finalise a proposal to launch a centralised, fully tested, Vanarama National League streaming platform. This proposal goes to the Board for consideration at their meeting on 15th September.

“The proposal will recognise that we must respect and protect the status of the league and also BT Sport’s high production values and ensuring an approach which guarantees quality of service and the needs of all our clubs and their fans.”

In what could be viewed as a specific reference to Wrexham it continued:

“We understand the desire from some clubs, who find themselves in a position to stream independently and we respect that, however there is a requirement for the League to protect and provide a solution for all three divisions.

“We will always take into account the views of individual clubs, but it is imperative that we look after the interests of 72 member clubs and doing as much as we can to deliver income, profile and support for all.”

The new documentary, Welcome to Wrexham, is currently streaming on FX.

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