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Mine’s a pint: McCann Manchester opens its own pub


McCann Manchester, not content with a swimming pool and staff allotments in the middle of its sprawling Cheshire base, has decided to add a country pub.

Situated at the entrance to the agency, The Haunt, will look to prove or indeed disprove the old adage that all the best ideas in business start at the pub.

“Having received the accolade of being the best agency in the McCann global network, it felt appropriate to ask our staff to decide how to spend the prize money. After all, it all of our staff who’ve made the agency what it is and played their part in winning the award,” explained landlady, Sue Little.

The Haunt is the former gatehouse at Bonis Hall and has been so-named in honour of the ghosts who apparently frequent the agency’s buildings. According to those working on the refurbishment they experienced paranormal encounters, including noises, furniture moving and power failures.

“We’ll be pouring the first drinks on Friday 13 September in honour of the agency’s ghosts who have provided the inspiration for the pub name. And will we be serving ‘spirits’? Well of course we will,” added Little.

Well at least the McCann staff should know where to get cheap booze to stock up.

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