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Mentoring programme for women in tech


Manchester Digital has set up a new mentoring programme to help women in tech to grow their careers.

The launch of MentorHER will be on Ada Lovelace Day (11th October) and will offer 6 months of support for women in their early careers.

“We’re really proud to launch our new MentorHER programme. Research shows that women leave the tech industry at a rate of 45% more than men. On top of this, McKinsey research found that only 86 women are promoted for every 100 men,” explained Katie Gallagher, Managing Director of Manchester Digital.

“Our industry members have been telling us that one of their ongoing challenges with increasing diversity is to retain women, not just recruiting them. So at a time when we’re trying to encourage women into the tech industry, we also need to ensure women have the support they need to stay within the industry.

“Further McKinsey research found that the most gender diverse companies were 48% more likely to outperform the least gender diverse.”

The MentorHER programme is an offshoot of Manchester Digital’s Digital Her scheme, which supports women throughout their tech career, as well as encouraging young women to consider a career in the sector.

“When I look back at my own journey as a leader, I can see how helpful it would have been to have a mentor who understood the challenges facing women in technology during my early career,” said Alison Ross, Operations and Culture Director at Auto Trader UK, one of the sponsors of MentorHER.

“Mentoring is a great way for women to expand their networks and gain advice from other women with experience in the industry. We’re really pleased to sponsor and support this crucial programme.”

The programme will ask mentees to commit to becoming a mentor when they have progressed, in order that it remains sustainable.

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