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Mayors mock “Network North” ad campaign for London roads

A new government campaign has been attacked by the mayors of Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire.

The ads announced that £235m is being used to improve London roads “made possible by rerouted HS2 funding.” This Department of Transport ads say that it is “A Network North Project.”

Burnham continued:

“A Parliament which began with promises of “levelling up” ends with money promised to the North being redirected back to London.

“Britain needs major change.”

Mark Harper, the Secretary of State for Transport responded:

“Every penny of the £19.8 billion committed to the Northern leg of HS2 will be reinvested in the North,” he added.

“Every penny of the £9.6 billion committed to the Midlands leg will be reinvested in the Midlands.

“The full £6.5 billion saved through our rescoped approach at Euston will be spread across every other region in the country.”

In October, the Prime Minister confirmed that the government was cancelling the Northern leg of the HS2 project, meaning the high speed rail network would now stop at Birmingham.

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