TBWA\Manchester reveals its first JD Williams campaign

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JD Williams has released its first advertising since recruiting TBWA\Manchester as its lead creative agency.

The Autumn campaign features a diverse mix of models and “street cast” women, to “celebrate their achievements and differences in an empowering, enlightening and impactful way.”

TBWA was appointed in May after the Manchester fashion brand held a review of its advertising at the start of the year.

"JD Williams’ mission is to champion 45 to 60-year-old women in a way that taps into her attitude, rather than her age. We’re excited for everyone involved in the campaign, and believe our customers will be proud to be associated with a brand that is shining a spotlight on them, and celebrating their incredible energy and unique attitude to life & fashion,” said Paul Ray, group head of brand and advertising at parent company, N Brown Group.

TBWA underlined that the “strong female presence” was felt behind the camera too, with acclaimed director Kathryn Ferguson filming the TV commercial, and photographer Elisabeth Hoff shooting stills.

“This was a rare and fantastic opportunity to work with a brand that truly believes in giving this group of women a voice. I’m over 45 so I KNOW we need a fashion brand to step up,” added Lisa Nichols, ECD of TBWA\Manchester.

Production and post were handled by The Mob Films.

The campaign features this week on TV, VOD, social and national press.