Blink-Photo creates specialist fast-fashion offering

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Blink-Photo is relaunching its Manchester studio with a specialist fast-fashion operation.

They say they will be able to turn around campaign imagery in as little as 4 hours, with 12 fashion specialists available to manage “every aspect of the process.”

“Redeveloping the studio into a truly versatile space has given us the ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ constantly evolving needs,” explained Dave Box, creative director at Blink-Photo’s Manchester studio.

“Our Manchester team, with years’ of hard won fashion photography experience, are ready to offer the very best model, still-life, video content and production.”

The growth in fast-fashion continues at pace, however, it has led to an Environment Audit Committee review into the sector.

Last week, the chair of the committee wrote to Amazon, Asos, Boohoo and Missguided because of “shocking” evidence about buying practices and the excessive waste in the industry as a whole. 

"Our recent evidence hearing raised alarm bells about the fast growing online-only retail sector. Low quality £5 dresses aimed at young people are said to be made by workers on illegally low wages and are discarded almost instantly, causing mountains of non-recycled waste to pile up,” said Mary Creagh MP, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee.

“We will be calling some of these online retailers in front of the Committee to answer questions, but in the meantime, my letters encourage them to face up to the social and environmental consequences of their business models. We want to know that they are fully compliant with employment law, that garments have a decent life-span, and that profit is not put before environmental damage. I look forward to the responses.”

Missguided has already signed up to the Ethical Trading Initiative.