Driven launches 'wonderful on tap' campaign for Severn Trent

Simon Austin's picture
by Simon Austin

Wilmslow’s driven has created a new TV, digital and social media campaign for Severn Trent - its first significant piece of work for the water company since picking up the creative account last year.  

The ad is set to “Bare Necessities” from Disney’s The Jungle Book and shows how essential water is today.  There is a series of scenes ranging from a cup of tea with Granny to a couple in a birthing pool with their newborn baby.

The commercial goes on to say, “Water is wonderful. Let’s look after it”, before showing viewers where they can get help to save water at home.

Graham Drury, partner at driven, said “The ‘Wonderful on tap’ idea is about sharing how amazing water really is. We know when people have this in mind they place greater value on water and take better care of it.


“It’s a far better way to change behaviour than just telling consumers what to do. That’s a very different approach for a utility. The wonderful team at Severn Trent deserves credit for embracing the idea so wholeheartedly”.  

Severn Trent serves almost 8 million people in the UK and is the country’s second biggest water company. The Wonderful on Tap campaign will debut during the break in Coronation Street tonight and run throughout the Summer.