NE festival asks if companies can turn customers into fans for life

Stephen Chapman's picture

A North East research company will be examining whether companies can create fans for life at Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival.

Explain Market Research will investigate how businesses can build fan bases and what they can do to turn customers into ‘supporters’ and also finding out what happens when you have fans, but they’re not customers.

“We are incredibly excited to be leading such a universally relevant sprint at this year’s Innovation Festival. The topic of customer advocacy and ‘Fans for Life’ is one that we recognise as being central to future proofing the success of businesses – our sprint will design models which will lead to active participation in services and or products,” said Explain managing director, Kim Davis.

Northumbrian Water’s Martin Jackson, who will be leading the sprint, added:

“For a water company to be looking at this kind of thinking and exploring the idea of viewing our customers, not only as customers but as fans and supporters of what we do, is truly ground-breaking and it could revolutionise the whole industry.”