British explorer hires Manchester PR to promote world-first expedition

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Ash Dykes, a professional explorer, who’s previously dragged an 18 stone trailer through the Gobi Desert and become the first recorded person to cross the length of Madagascar, has appointed PR Hunter.

His latest challenge is to complete a year-long trek along China’s Yangtze River. The 27-year-old from North Wales is set to complete the 4000 mile test next month.

“This is a fantastic project to work on and given the work Ash does with conservation groups and the challenges he’s faced –  he’s been held up at gun point, avoided bandits, crossed crocodile-infested waters on self-built rafts and hacked his way through near-impenetrable jungle – unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of interest,” said Paula Hunter.

He began at altitudes of 5100m, with temperatures dropping to -20°C and the end of his journey has seen him walking in extreme heat of up to 45°C.

The entire journey has been filmed ahead of a possible commission and throughout the experience, he’s been raising awareness of environmental, conservation and humanitarian issues.

“Ash has received a lot of support in China, as he’s trekked from the source of the Yangtze to Shanghai and we’re already receiving enquiries from the UK media.  To this end, we’ve asked Paula to use her media relation expertise to make the most of this interest,” added Phil Dykes, who is both Ash’s father and manager.

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