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Manchester agency rolls out sports betting platform for Goldchip


Manchester agency Degree 53 has launched a new end-to-end sports betting platform for bookmaker Goldchip.

The team built the entire system from the ground up alongside the sportsbook website and a pair of mobile apps.

Goldchip wanted to take its phone-based business into the digital space, enabling complete control over its features and the opportunity to scale in the future.

The project involved a significant product discovery period to identify all the components required for the platform.

These included third-party trading feed integration, security measures, customer management, CRM and bonusing, all of which Degree 53 built into Goldchip’s new backend system.

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Degree 53’s work for Goldchip

The platform was complemented by a new sports betting website and mobile apps for iOS and Android users. Degree 53 provided complete rebranding to reflect the premium product offering.

Stephen Smith, managing director at Goldchip, said: “The team at Degree 53 took us through a number of workshops to determine all the necessary elements before the build and made it clear from the start what was required for the project.

“They were very diligent in their approach and addressed all of our requirements throughout the project.”

“We’re very happy with how they’ve evolved our brand and moved our services into the digital environment.”

Andrew Daniels, managing director at Degree 53, said Goldchip had been one of its “biggest projects to date”.

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