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Liverpool’s Digital & Creative board appoints Facebook and ITV members


Liverpool City Region’s Digital & Creative Board has made a series of new appointments specialising in digital, IoT, and gaming.

Among the new board members are Vanessa Bakewell, Client Partner, Entertainment, Facebook Inc and Lauren Hogan, ITV’s Digital Product Lead. They are joined by Phil Charnock of Draw & Code; Jen Fenner from DefProcEngineering; JnR Agency’s Ruth Hartnoll; Phil Owen of D3T and Helen Stephens from Little Sandbox.

“The breadth of what we do here in the City Region is truly awe-inspiring – from Immersive Tech, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) through to digital marketing, film and e-health – all making an important contribution to the economy. It’s no wonder that the City Region is seen as a beacon of excellence in the digital and creative industries,” explained Paul Corcoran, Co-Chair of the Digital and Creative Board and Deputy Chair of the LEP.

“That is why having a strong and representative Digital & Creative Board is so important and something that I personally wanted to ensure was true of this board – a truly diverse structure ensures we have a fully inclusive board that will work together to accelerate the development and competitiveness of this sector.”

The Board, established by the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), on behalf of the City Region, works to make informed decisions on skills, business support, place and policy across the digital, creative, commercial and academic sectors to accelerate the City Region’s global position in the digital and creative industries.

“I am delighted to be a part of the board. I am so proud to be from such a vibrant and inspirational city. I am very excited to be on the Digital and Creative Board and to be a part of the incredible journey and continued growth of Liverpool City Region,” said Vanessa Bakewell, Client Partner, Entertainment, Facebook Inc.

“The city informed my love and passion for everything art, culture, music, entertainment and technology and informed my career choices. I owe so much to all of my positive experiences growing up, learning and working in Liverpool.”

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