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Liverpool studio launches Switch game that teaches children to chill


Liverpool’s Onteca is releasing its Chill Panda on the Nintendo Switch next week.

The game has been designed to teach younger children how to manage feelings of anxiety, whilst also staying healthy and playing games, puzzles and doing calming activities.

The original “relax-to-win” mobile games app features on the NHS’ recommended app store.

“We noticed that there were lots of games and apps aimed at relaxing and calming adults but nothing for younger children. After a particularly difficult year, it’s really important to offer children relatable ways of learning about processing emotions that may be new and difficult for them,” said Child Psychologist, Caroline Belcher, who worked in collaboration with the Liverpool studio.

Chill Panda lives on the idyllic blossom-filled island of Chillville and can travel to a Chill Zone, Play Zone and go through a maze into a farming and home building area.

Other characters include Wise Panda and Sporty Panda, who each have a lesson to teach.

There are games around yoga, breathing exercises and distraction techniques. The Panda also learns the importance of sharing emotions and talking to people about feelings.

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