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Leeds to host first Digital Twin Consortium outside of USA


Leeds-based Slingshot Simulations, is to welcome global tech specialists to the city for the first Digital Twin Consortium to take place outside of North America.

Digital Twin Technology is a synchronised virtual representation of real-world entities and processes. The system is often used to test manufacturing processes at lower cost.

Representatives at global tech firms including Autodesk, Dell Technologies, GE Digital, Johnson Controls, Lendlease, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft and Northrop Grumman will join Slingshot Simulations in Leeds to continue to advance the state of the art technology.

“This is a first of a kind event outside of the US and, as the UK Regional Branch Organiser, we are incredibly proud to showcase to the world, through the Digital Twin Consortium, the amazing work going on and the talent available not just in the Leeds region but the UK and Europe as a whole,” said David McKee, Slingshot Simulations Founder, CEO and CTO.

As part of the event and in collaboration with the University of Leeds and Nexus, Slingshot will showcase how the technology can be applied to sustainability. This will include environmental applications, such as urban net zero planning.

“This is a great opportunity for the Digital Twin Consortium to showcase its work and that of the hundreds of its industry members to a broader international audience and we are pleased to be working with our UK regional branch office, Slingshot Simulations, the University of Leeds and Nexus to help us achieve this in what promises to be an incredibly impactful event that will also highlight the topic of sustainability – an issue on the board level agenda at most organisations today,” added Dan Isaacs, CTO of the Digital Twin Consortium.

The Digital Twin Consortium is the global authority on the technology. the event takes place from 27th September.

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