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Leeds agency has designs on Motorhead beer


Northview Creative in Leeds is behind the design and imagery for a new Motorhead branded beer.

Brewed by Camerons in Hartlepool, the Röad Crew, American pale ale was named after the track (We Are) The Road Crew, which appeared on the band’s Ace of Spades album.

“We’ve worked with Camerons marketing department for a number of years on a series of projects including developing new brands as well as rebranding existing beers to appeal to differing UK audiences,” explained Northview Creative’s founder and MD, Nikk McQuire.

“From the outset we suspected Road Crew was going to be big.   As a beer, Road Crew is seeing deserved success, due partly to an number factors, the quality of the product, its association to the band and, we hope, the striking look of its packaging.”

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The brand is about to roll out across the UK’s big four supermarkets and Northview has worked across its web site, on-shelf merchandising material and packaging as well as exhibition material and point of sale

It was launched by the two surviving members of the band.

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