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Lancashire Police showcases new digital tools to fight crime


Altrincham’s If Agency, has created a campaign for Lancashire Police, as it holds its first “digital experience” awareness event.

Part of a new communications programme, it will introduce staff to how digital policing will improve investigations and intelligence.

The first event is being held today, targeting frontline officers and staff.

“Policing has to adapt and respond to the digital environment, to ensure it can effectively reduce crime, wherever that occurs, on or offline. We are providing the tools and support to ensure officers and staff have the confidence, knowledge and awareness of the digital capabilities available to them,” explained Sarah Gough, Staff Engagement and Internal Communications Officer, Lancashire Constabulary.

“Our starting point is to share with the teams what is available, how to access and use it.”

The campaign, “Switched on to the power of digital” is a direct response to the Policing Vision 2025 report.. The purpose being to raise awareness internally of what the vision is and what capabilities the force has.

“Every organisation faces a constant battle to keep on top of technology and the police force is no different. Our first challenge was to engage officers and staff to realise the power of digital,” said IF Agency Creative Director, Jo Whiteley.

“Armed with the knowledge that the average household has up to nine smart devices capturing voice, movement & location data, we developed the ‘Switched On’ campaign. A staggered approach to communications started with teasers aimed at challenging officers understanding of technology capabilities, encouraging them to find out more at this week’s event. The event will be followed by video demos, real case studies, regular tech hero’s… constantly evolving the way Lancashire Police investigate, prevent and report crime.”

If designed posters, online pop ups, banners, event collateral and presentation templates.

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