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Jenny Eclair to break major taboo during Coronation Street

Jenny Eclair

Comedienne Jenny Eclair will break a major taboo by talking openly about vaginal dryness in the commercial break for Coronation Street tonight.

Wilmslow agency driven has created the multi-channel campaign starring Eclair for vaginal dryness brand Vagisan. She will be the first celebrity to talk openly about vaginal dryness on primetime TV.

In one ad, Eclair addresses the viewer directly and says “Take it from me. The last thing any women needs during or after the menopause is a bothersome vagina.”

In another ad, which starts with the title “Jenny Eclair demonstrates vaginal dryness cream”, she shows how to use Vagisan and says “your vagina should feel tickety-boo”.The ads were written by Paula Marcantonio, Senior Creative at driven, and Eclair herself.

She said: “It infuriates me that a stigma exists around vaginal dryness. It’s very easy to fall into a pattern of putting up with things you don’t have to.

“Especially when the remedy for vaginal dryness is readily available. We shouldn’t feel embarrassed when dealing with it.”

Graham Drury, Partner at driven, added: “Finding the right person to talk about vaginal dryness was so important. We needed a strong character, who could approach it with a lightness of touch that puts viewers at ease.

“Jenny is the perfect fit. She delivers the message in an incredibly honest and engaging way”.

The campaign breaks on TV tonight in Coronation Street and will also run in digital, social, press and PR. It was directed by female director Nicky Woodhouse, a supporter of FREE THE BID (for fairer representation of female directors) and filmed in London last month. Media buying is through Mediacom North and PR by Acappella.

One in two women in the UK suffer from vaginal dryness and research shows that 80% feel too embarrassed and uncomfortable to talk about it. 61% of sufferers say it affects their relationships.

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