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Isle of Man to appoint marketing director


The Isle of Man has announced that’s it to appoint a marketing director to help “further economic growth.”

It comes as part of its Government’s Vision2020 plans and it’s Department for Economic Development is also seeking a director of tourism and the visitor economy.

“‘The best way to sustain effective and affordable public services is to grow our economy and so generate additional Government income, not simply tax the existing economy more.  This Department has an outstanding track record of helping to do so, from the e-gaming sector to shipping, from the TT to corporate jet management.  With our support, these sectors have created hundreds of jobs on the Island and £m’s in both our economy and in Government income,” explained Minister for Economic Development John Shimmin MHK.

“We would not commit additional resources unless we were convinced that it was in the taxpayers’ interests to do so.  We developed a business case for additional resources, which was carefully considered both by my Department’s Political Members and by the Treasury.  I am pleased to say the business case is a strong one:  for every additional £1 we will spend, we will generate at least £3 for the taxpayer.”

The Isle of Man will be promoted as an international business centre as well as a tourist destination and the new roles will be fixed term contracts for 3 years.

“When people ask me why is DED recruiting people when other Departments are making cuts, the answer is simple:  it is because the best way to fund public services tomorrow is to drive economic growth today, and so that it what we are doing,” added Shimmin.

The Isle of Man’s Treasury Department has a 9% stake in Pinewood Shepperton and last year signed a deal to source and advise on film investment opportunities for a £25m fund established by the Government.

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