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Influencers losing influence, report finds


Almost 80 per cent of Gen Z feel their time is wasted viewing irrelevant advertisements according to new research.

The new Gen Z Insights report from data specialist The Attention Exchange highlights the mounting frustration among younger consumers, with more than half (55 per cent) rejecting the idea of advertisements on social media altogether.

The findings paint a grim picture for brands striving to capture Gen Z’s attention – 60 per cent of these respondents don’t just find the misplaced ads annoying, but “downright infuriating.”

This frustration is compounded by the fact 80 per cent of Gen Z feel bombarded with ads for products they cannot afford, leaving them disillusioned and disconnected from the advertising industry as a whole.

“Gen Z, the most tech and money-savvy generation, is reshaping the advertising landscape,” said Guillaume Kendall, founder of The Attention Exchange. “To capture their attention and secure long-term loyalty, advertisers must adapt or risk losing this influential audience altogether.”

Data privacy is another burning concern for Gen Z, yet 69 per cent of respondents were unaware that their credit card transaction data is being sold to third parties.

This revelation has left 62 per cent feeling uneasy, prompting them to question the ethics of the advertising industry and demand greater transparency and control over their personal information.

Even the once-reliable tactic of influencer marketing is losing its shine. More than half (56 per cent) of Gen Z respondents express indifference towards purchasing products promoted by influencers.

The growing scepticism reveals a thirst for authenticity and trustworthy recommendations, as Gen Z seeks genuine connections amid the sea of staged endorsements.

“Relevance, authenticity, and respect for privacy are no longer optional,” Kendall added. “With immense power as both consumers and influencers, Gen Z demands a new approach from brands trying to reach them.”

The research questioned 562 Gen Z respondents across various regions of the UK.

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