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Ignite100 digital startups ready to pitch north east investors

ignite The Ignite100 teams. Picture courtesy Emilia Flockhart

Ten teams of digital startups being mentored in the north east will tomorrow present their final pitches to an invited audience of investors in Newcastle.

After roughly 14 weeks of mentoring, building and fine-tuning, this year’s Ignite100 class will enter the final straight with the Newcastle leg of their Demo Day tour.

Ignite100 is Europe’s first £1 million accelerator programme for digital startups and is now in its third year.

Since September, the ten teams from across the world have worked with mentors, entrepreneurs and some of the biggest names in the digital and mobile space.

The new digital businesses range from an ecommerce API to online health and safety tracking. There a full interviews from Betarocket with each team available via the links below. They are:

Jinn – Deliver anything you want in double-quick time
SpecifiedBy – An online library of BIM building products
Moltin – A cloud-based eCommerce API
Twinkler – Track and settle group debts with this app
Reframed.TV – A fresh way of bookmarking and discussing video
Papertrail – Keep track of your health and safety records online
Bizpora – Discover the right contacts to meet on your next business trip
Websand – Make direct marketing more targeted and informed
Quantified API – Gather and control your online data (deadpooled)
Verticly – direct more customers into stores or places
KonnectAgain – a better way to keep track of university alumni

After the session to pitch to investors at the Tyneside Cinema tomorrow, the teams conclude their time in the accelerator with a trip to London for a further showcase a week later.

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