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Hyperlocal channels sign sales deal but Bay TV delays launch


Technical problems with transmitters mean that the arrival of hyperlocal television to Liverpool will be delayed until the Autumn.

However, Bay TV’s chief executive, Chris Johnson is confident about the long term future of the station and indeed the hyperlocal project, following the signing of a national sales partnership with Axiom Media.

“The importance of this deal for Local TV cannot be overstated. One of the key reasons local stations have failed in the past is that they have been largely unable grab a slice of the huge national advertising cake,” he explained.

“Together the new generation of local TV stations form an important new delivery platform for national brands.  Many advertisers will buy inventory across all the stations, while others will also seize the opportunity to target locally in specific cities and regions.

“We are very encouraged by the level of interest from  local businesses, and many have already booked ads on Bay TV Liverpool, in our launch period.   It’s important for us and for local businesses that they can access the great potential of local TV advertising, but it is also vital that we attract some stunning ads from national brands, which will help enhance the feel and appeal of our commercial breaks.”

The deal between Axiom and the Local TV Network covers most of the “Phase One” license holders, which includes Your TV (Manchester, Preston & Blackpool), Made in Leeds, Made in Tyne & Wear, Bay TV Liverpool, Sheffield Live and The York Channel.

Axiom will represent the stations for sponsorship, teleshopping, digital and spot advertising with national media agencies and advertisers.

“We are delighted to be representing the Local TV Network at such an exciting time within the evolving television industry,” said Jeremy Lawrence, CEO of Axiom Media.

“Our focus will be on challenging the market to create sustainable value driven partnerships where the advertiser and Local license represent joint stakeholders.  Local TV compliments perfectly our existing diverse blue chip client portfolio”

The reason for the delayed launch of Bay TV Liverpool is due to a relay transmitter in Wirral, which won’t be operational until August.

“It’s taken a little longer than we had hoped,” said Johnson.

“It means we have had to revise our plans and we are now working towards a launch in October, depending on the speed with which the Storeton relay can be commissioned and we can get through testing our equipment.

“We will set a firm launch date at soon as we know that the entire potential Freeview audience will be able to see us. And the good news is that, thanks to a recent deal, Bay TV Liverpool will also be available on Virgin Channel 159.”


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