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Havas Manchester launches campaign to mark 200 years of Armitage Shanks


The Manchester office of Havas PR UK has launched a new campaign to celebrate the 200th anniversary of bathroom manufacturer Armitage Shanks.

Celebrate200 has started with a track by Shoreditch-based DJ Molecules, who created a track including sample sounds from the bathroom – including a flushing toilet, dripping tap and a pipe being cut.

In addition, Armitage Shanks has released a free-to-download smartphone app, Beats200, enabling people to mix their own piece of music, like this.

Aspiring DJs can submit their tracks to be entered into a competition to win a £5,000 prize. The 10 most popular tracks will be pressed and published onto a limited edition Beats 200 vinyl album.

The campaign also features a number of celebration initiatives with long-standing trade merchant partners of Armitage Shanks, including Wolseley, Graham and Grafton – with birthday activities and giveaways taking place at branches across the UK. The central campaign website also features a run-through of the history of the brand and a quiz.

Katie Cope, Marketing Director at Ideal Standard, said: “Armitage Shanks turns 200 in 2017, making it one of the UK’s longest-standing brands. We wanted to create a feel-good celebration atmosphere around the brand, which is looking towards the future, as well as celebrating the past.

“Over the last two centuries, Armitage Shanks has become synonymous with quality bathroom design for homes and businesses across the UK. The Celebrate 200 campaign celebrates this, promoting the brand to a multi-generational audience. We’re delighted to celebrate this historic milestone, creating a platform for our brand to take water intelligence to the next level.”

Armitage Shanks was originally founded by Thomas Bond in Staffordshire in 1817.

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