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Happy Mondays and Pulp Bargain Hunt had to be reshot


Just in case your lunchtime’s based around Bargain Hunt, this does contain spoilers….

Today’s special edition of Bargain Hunt, which starred Happy Mondays and Pulp didn’t entirely go to plan.

Part of the BBC Music Day celebrations, the show features Bez and Rowetta taking on Jarvis Cocker and Candida Doyle.

However, after filming finished, it was discovered that Bez’s girlfriend had bid for some of the auction items, which gave them the win.

This meant that the end of the show had to be recorded again, with the victory going to Pulp instead.

“It was a genuine error. My girlfriend thought she was helping out,” said Bez.

The show’s executive producer Paul Tucker added:

“We have rules and regulations on Bargain Hunt and we have to make sure they abide by them.

“It was picked up by a runner and we verified there were clearly misdemeanours going on. It was a genuine rule that was broken and we had to reshoot the end.”

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