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GMB’s Pip Tomson jumps ship for GB News

Pip Tomson showreel, YouTube

Long-standing Good Morning Britain correspondent Pip Tomson has jumped ship to join GB News, hitting out at “intolerant members of the Be Kind brigade” as she did so.

The York-native broadcaster joined ITV’s GMTV in 2009, moving to Daybreak in 2010, and joining the Good Morning Britain team in 2013.

Now, after more than a decade at ITV’s flagship morning show, Tomson is joining controversial right-wing channel GB News, whose commercial operations are based in Manchester.

Tomson penned a lengthy diatribe for her new employer explaining her decision: “When the opportunity arose to join GB News, I was in a bit of a pickle. It sounded enticing and exciting but I’d spent the bulk of my 21-year television career at ITV. Firstly in regional news in the Midlands and North East of England then at its flagship breakfast show Good Morning Britain,” she wrote. “The hours were bonkers but I worked with a great team who helped make the job full of fun, even at 3am when my eyes were droopier than a Bloodhound’s.”

Tomson didn’t shy away from addressing the criticisms directed at her new employer: “I was also well aware of the flak directed at GB News. Much of it from those types who profess that they’re tolerant members of the ‘Be Kind’ brigade (yawn) but are actually some of the most intolerant people you could ever hope to meet if you don’t profess to share their views. Which always makes me laugh.”

The reporter added that she sought guidance from a mystery “famous broadcaster” over the decision: “So I sought out the advice of some of the less tribal folk including one of the most famous broadcasters in the business. I don’t want to name them but they’ve always been incredibly generous in terms of advice, feedback, reflections on the industry and how to deal with those delightful social media trolls.

‘It’s a no brainer,’ came the answer. ‘You’ve got to do it. It’s very exciting for you and a proper adventure.’

So here I am. A presenter and journalist – now at GB News – who’s relishing the opportunity to challenge and hold to account the powerful types and offer a voice to those who want to be heard but are thoroughly disillusioned so don’t bother to engage. I want to help change that and redress the balance, without fear or favour. I’m a people person which is why I became a journalist in the first place.

Those who know me would probably describe me as straight-talking, authentic, feisty and fearless. Not all broadcasters would encourage that but GB News is different and I’m loving that freedom and individuality.”

Tomson went on detail how she hopes to bring more dog-related content to her new employer, while also indulging in some casual stereotyping: “What I’m not loving so far is an absence of animal stories in the GB News running order. I’m dog mad and my life away from work revolves around my three incredible rescues Billy, Bindi and Robin. Two of them were saved from the dog meat trade in South Korea. Yes, some people in Asia (mostly older, male consumers) eat dog and cat meat. Animals are stolen or grabbed from the streets, tortured and killed in horrendous conditions. In fact, one of the hardest assignments I’ve done was travelling to South Korea to visit a dog meat farm then having a robust debate about it live on air with Piers Morgan. The Western world eats cows, pigs and sheep. What’s the difference?

But one of my most joyous experiences is giving these brave souls a second chance at life and seeing them flourish. So away from work, you’ll find me in my jeans & muddy wellies trudging through the Oxfordshire countryside and trying, usually unsuccessfully, to stop them rolling in sheep poo. I will find a way to get them on GB News (obviously it’s written into my contract)… Yes, I will shamelessly plug them at every opportunity including here on the GB News website.”

Hopefully Tomson will find that her new platform isn’t too averse to the odd bit of dog-whistle news, and she says she’s raring to go: “Now you can see me 5 days a week Noon-3pm. I can’t wait to get stuck in. I hope you all get stuck in too,” she concluded.

Tomson will be joining a roster of high-profile hosts including Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Dan Wooton at her new channel.

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