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Founder F*ck Ups event goes to Leeds

Tech founders

After a hugely successful inaugural event in Manchester, we’re launching a second Founder F*** Ups event, but this time we’re taking it to Leeds. 

Kicking off at 5pm on 24th August at Department, Leeds Dock, this special event will be hosted by Prolific North, Department, Praetura Ventures and The Start-Up Factory

Hear from founders who’ve been there before and learnt their lessons the hard way, away from the ‘LinkedIn lessons’ and humble brags you see on social media.

The Leeds event will be chaired by Tania Rahman, investment manager at Praetura, who will be joined by Chris Rabbitt, founder of MEEOW and Hazel Savage, Music Intelligence VP at SoundCloud and founder of Musiio. More speakers are set to be revealed soon!

Our recent Manchester event united tech founders from across the North to hear established founders share their brutally honest stories, pearls of wisdom and witty quips when seeking funding and growing their businesses.

Make sure you join us for our Leeds edition, it’s not one to be missed!

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