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Fearless backing for Manchester shipping platform


Fearless Adventures is investing in Manchester-based shipping platform, Shipster.

The company enables businesses to automate the allocation of shipments with any courier, warehouse or sales system, based on criteria such as weight, destination and product type.

“No one has truly disrupted the logistics space until now, so it’s an exciting opportunity. They’re making a real difference in the warehouses of promising ecommerce brands, and in the process made themselves an essential building block in tomorrow’s e-commerce economy,” explained David Newns, co-founder of Fearless Adventures.

Shipster, which won last year’s Digital City Award for System Integrators, has clients including Missy Empire, Lounge and Oh Polly.

“We want people who have ‘done it before’ and can share their experience and expertise. The Fearless Adventures’ team are different; they’re clear, honest, and have a genuine sense of excitement for our company’s future. The team is exactly what we need to grow,” stated Hayley Cowburn, co-founder of Shipster.

Fearless Adventures, founded by Newns alongside, Social Chain co-founder Dominic McGregor and Charlie Yates.

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