Hair styling brand signs retainer with Jaywing Intelligence

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Mark Hill

Mark Hill, the hair styling and hair care brand, has signed a 12-month retainer with Jaywing’s Intelligence team to help the brand drive revenue from PPC.

The partnership has so far seen Mark Hill generate an additional 168% in revenue from pay-per-click (year-on-year), reduce its cost of sale by 55% and boost website conversions by 63%.   

The partnership means Jaywing also manages paid social media to improve audience targeting and boost brand awareness. This has enabled Mark Hill to increase its Facebook relevance score, successfully reaching new audiences and drive web traffic.

Dave Wood, Managing Director at Jaywing Intelligence, said: “We are delighted to have demonstrated to Mark Hill how our AI PPC management tool, Decision, delivers better results, that our model builds on those results and can improve every day.

"We’re looking forward to seeing what new results Decision continues to produce, and how that continues to have a positive impact on the brand’s revenue.”

Maria Vardy, Managing Director at Jaywing, said: “Our relationship with Mark Hill is another example of how Jaywing’s breadth of offer helps to improve brand awareness and deliver impactful digital activity by using data and insight to ensure the relevant content reaches the right audiences.”

Gemma Dickens, Marketing Manager at Mark Hill, said: “Jaywing offers Mark Hill great marketing support that is delivering results and increasing brand awareness month on month.

"Having seen the case studies for Decision, we were excited to see what it could do for Mark Hill and are really impressed with the ROI it’s driven to date due to the flexibility of the platform.”