UKFast creates free web monitoring app

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UKFast has released zuppit, a free website monitoring app, to check availability of web domains and advise on website performance.

It was soft launched at the end of last year and has already signed up 4600 users.

The service can monitor performance of the site, to give web owners visibility of any fluctuations in speed and whether the site has gone down.

“Website owners do all they can to avoid downtime, but sometimes it happens outside of their control. It's incredibly important for business owners and website admins to have a handle on their uptime and downtime. zuppit offers a massive amount of visibility, instantly, giving peace of mind to anyone with a stake in a website,” explained UKFast CTO Neil Lathwood.

“The reputational and financial damage associated with website downtime is massive. zuppit is the perfect way of getting a better grasp on how slow site speeds and downtime could be negatively impacting on your business. Downtime is bad enough, not knowing your site is down is even worse!”

UKFast says the service is “100% free” and users can add unlimited urls and monitor them via push notifications.

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