Extreme becomes first UK partner for Drip

Stephen Chapman's picture

Extreme has been announced as the first UK partner for new online marketing platform, Drip.

Drip is based in Minneapolis and is described as the world’s first e-commerce relationship management platform, aiming to bring an “unrivalled level” of personalisation to emails, automated workflows and multichannel marketing.

Yorkshire-based Extreme believes it will enable the agency to build more meaningful behavioural marketing campaigns.

“Customer habits and preferences change on a much more frequent basis now, and therefore, it’s become a necessity to adopt a much deeper, more insightful level of segmentation that can reflect the traits of your customers in real time,” explained Lewis Clark, technical marketing manager at Extreme.

"As an agency, we must step up to the challenge of creating campaigns that drill down into the experiences our clients’ customers want and expect - in doing so, thanks to Drip, we will be able to offer behavioural marketing that delivers far beyond anything we’ve experienced previously. It’s a really exciting time and we’re thrilled to be the first agency partner this side of the Atlantic.”  

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