Birmingham the latest University to sign up for Collabco's myday

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University of Birmingham

Liverpool-based Collabco has signed a contract with the University of Birmingham to provide its myday digital campus for up to 34,000 students.

The myday app will enable students to locate available PCs and study spaces on campus, view timetables and emails, and get easy access to learning resources.

“myday will be designed to help students make the most of their time at university and will give them the essential systems, services and the latest information they need on a daily basis, all in one location at the swipe of a finger,” said Jo Bryan, assistant director of student services at the University of Birmingham.

“By delivering a mobile application, students will have a new choice for accessing existing services whilst providing the university with the potential to develop new services using mobile device-specific functionality which is not currently possible.

“We’re currently implementing two major IT projects at the university and so taking a tried and tested product like myday means we don’t have to create an in-house solution – and working in partnership with CIS Connect was also an important factor in the decision to purchase.”

Andy Taylor, business development director at Collabco added: “An excellent global reputation like the one that University of Birmingham has must go hand in hand with a digitisation strategy – millennial students demand it.

“University of Birmingham recognises this and the dividends that the digital campus can pay back in terms of the data it delivers for rapid decision making. The myday digital campus enables each and every student to fully engage in campus life and successfully complete their studies.”