Online golf firm uses AI to boost sales

Stephen Chapman's picture

Blackburn-based online golf retailer, Function18, says it has seen orders increase 18% by using artificial intelligence-led personalisation.

The company is one of the first ecommerce sites in the world to use a new real-time onsite content personalisation system.

“Adopting Nosto’s Onsite Content Personalization was the logical next step for us as an ecommerce company. With increasing amounts of mobile consumers, we need to be able to predict and show them what they want to see,” said marketing director, Ben Slaven.

“With limited real estate, we need to show them images and content that is related to what they want to buy so that we can best capture and engage with them.”

Slaven added that as well as increasing sales, it had also doubled page views.

“Traditionally, segmentation techniques have operated by giving you data after the fact. But as Function18’s experience makes clear, we’re able to deliver segmentation in real-time, out of the box, while the shopper is still on the site,” explained Jim Lofgren, Nosto’s CEO.

“And by tying it up with content personalisation technology, we make it immediately actionable – giving retailers the ability to tailor the entire online experience to individual visitors or segments. And when you can do that, it’s also better for shoppers - which is why they stay longer on a site and ultimately buy more as Function18 is finding.”