EKM opens event space at Preston base

Stephen Chapman's picture

Ecommerce firm, EKM, has opened up its event space as a new commercial offer at its Preston base.

The area was originally built for in-house operations, but now it’s offering up the auditorium primarily to the government sector and “other organisations with an interest in developing the local economy.”

“We built these facilities as a world-class productive environment for our world-class team, taking inspiration from the likes of Google and Facebook, because we want people to think of us in those terms,” explained EKM founder Antony Chesworth.

“While we aim to compete with the best that Silicon Valley has to offer on a global stage, we’re fully invested in our people, and our local economy.  That’s why we’ve decided to open up our event space for use by local organisations also invested in helping Lancashire to grow as a business region.”

The building, which was fitted out at a cost of £3.5m was shortlisted in Inspired Spaces last year, it’s probably most remembered for the 3-storey slide, which employees can use to leave the building.