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Digital signage “twice as powerful” as print on the high street


A new survey shows that retailers employing digital signage have a much greater impact on shoppers.

APS Group used eye-tracking technology to measure the reaction of more than 1.6m people over 16 weeks.

The research found that more than double the number of shoppers looked at and engaged with animated digital content, than digital print.

“As with all of our retail projects it’s critical we include analysis and look at trends via tracking, proving ROI of marketing campaigns,” explained Darren Jackson, retail solutions director at APS Group.

“Industry figures show that online retail sales are growing, with 27% of retail purchases made online last year – which equates to around £114bn of sales. As online sales continue to increase, the value of a customer’s experience at the physical retail store has never been more important.

“Not only are digital signs more appealing and eye catching, but they also enable brands to tailor messages to the local market and personalise offerings which fulfil a particular need for customers, at a particular time. Their traceability and flexibility allows us to test different designs, content and messaging, with no risk to brand perception and little cost.”

The window display was used on a “well-known UK retail bank” at 2 different locations.

The results were that:

6.6% of shoppers glanced at traditional print;

9.9% of shoppers looked at a digital screen showing static content – an increase of 50%;

11.7% of shoppers engaged with a digital screen showing animated content – an increase of 77% on the static poster.

You can read the full report here. 

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