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Digital marketing agency wins Orla Kiely, Iceland and Green Sheep


Liverpool-based Hitsearch has won 3 new clients, Orla Kiely, Iceland Foods and Green Sheep Group.

Fashion brand, Orla Kiely appointed the agency following a 4-way pitch. The 6 month contract includes SEO, PPC, blogger outreach, influencer marketing and user experience and conversion rate optimisation.

“We’re delighted to partner with Hitsearch, who have provided a clear and measurable strategy for growth, and a team of highly experienced specialists to deliver it,” said Alistair Murphy, Head of Ecommerce at Orla Kiely.

“The plan touches on a wide range of disciplines, from SEO and UX to influencers and PR, with early indications showing fantastic results despite all the uncertainty out there. The team are joy to work with and will be instrumental to our growth in the coming year.” 

For Iceland Foods, it will work across user experience and conversion rate optimisation. This follows a recent investment in “cutting edge biometric equipment” so that it can test “real” customers in a testing studio and get feedback about the physiological reactions to a website journey.

“We’ve been working closely with Hitsearch and using their bio-metric measuring to establish key areas for improvement on that wouldn’t normally become apparent in traditional user testing and panels,” said Matthew Lowe, Head of Experience at Iceland Foods.

“We’ve already seen great results from this, and we’re excited to continue our partnership, empowering us further to put customers at the heart of our decisions.”

Finally, Green Sheep Group has given Hitsearch a two-year paid media contract, focusing on its Little Green Sheep and Snuz brands.

“The industry is experiencing challenging times at the moment, so we are pleased and extremely grateful to add three major clients to our roster,” said Andy Donaldson from Hit Search.

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